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List of Professional Services


CareerSmarts provides the following services:

bulletProfessional Development Courses/Seminar Topics

bulletCDOS Commencement Credential
bulletHow to create a course and teach online!
bulletDiscovering Your Students Career DNA (Dynamic, Natural, Abilities)
bulletGames2Careers - Choosing a Career is Child's Play
bulletAssisting Your Students in Developing Career Plans
bulletDeveloping Work-Based Learning Experiences for Your Students
bulletPreparing Your Students for Workforce Readiness
bulletCreating 21st Century Student Resumes
bulletCreating and Coordinating School Industry Advisory Boards
bulletImplementing 21st Century Skills in the Classroom
bullet21st Century Assessment Practices Which Motivate Your Students to Achieve Real World Benchmarks
bulletTechnology for the Classroom Educator:  Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts
bulletVision and Strategy Planning for Your School or Department
bulletCurriculum Enrichment Activities That Raise Your Students' Expectations


bulletNYS Certification courses for those who wish to become Work-based Learning Coordinators., Brochure
bulletPersonal Career Counseling Services
bulletCareer Strategies for those who are in search of employment.

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